Online Courses

Family Homeopathy – Short Course Series – runs live annually in May & September.

Recorded versions of my previous course available for purchase – £15/each, £60 full series.

  1. Introduction to using Homeopathy
  2. Getting to Know your Homeopathy KIT 
  3. Managing FEVER Positively
  4. Your Natural Home Medicine Kit
  5. Natural & Homeopathic FIRST AID
  6. Getting to Know ANOTHER 18 Remedies

To book: send payment to (please specify course title).

Time: Saturdays, 10-11.30am (UK time)

Cost: £25 each;  2x courses £40;  all 6 – *£110 (* when booked in advance)

Introduce a Friend – 15% off  for both of you

Conc: Homeopathy is for everyone!  Concessions are always available. Please ask.

** please check my facebook or instagram for new dates **


*MOTHERS EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME * – It brings me much joy to inspire, educate and empower other mothers to treat their children themselves and naturally, as I have done myself (more on courses page).  I have used homeopathy, natural remedies and my intuition through all my years of parenting (15 years now!) and I have been fortunate enough to never need look outside of this.  It is both empowering and deeply satisfying to have the confidence to trust yourself and these tools (that simply harness the healing force 0f nature, as is our birthright), that I believe work, and they work well!

These sessions are not only an education on the tools you need to care for your family yourself and naturally, but they are taylored specifically to YOUR family and particular health needs that YOU face or will face.  One of the sessions will look at YOUR child/ren and identify what specifically WHAT they need, what remedies and natural remedies and strategies you can use specifically for them.

** Create Your Own Programme** – These “Mother Empowerment Sessions” can be a one off session or a series you create yourself over eg 3 months, depending how much equipping you need or want!  I have a series of topics that you can pick from and put your own programme together:

eg. A New Approach to Health, Homeopathy & Natural Remedies YOU’LL need, suppporting YOUR Baby or Child, Common Childhood Ailments, Supporting YOUR Family Holistically, Treating YOUR child’s Fevers, Understanding the Emotions of YOUR Child, to name a few . . .  . (£70/session)

These can be 1:1 sessions or if you’d like to put a programme together for yourself and a friend/s, the sessions will be 25% less for both/all of you. I have found it is a joy and welcome support to travel the path of natural motherhood with others, who share similar views and priorities.



This is a more comprehensive course on Using Homeopathy.  The information aims to support anyone wanting to treat themselves and their families minor ailments naturally.

The course covers:

  • Introduction to Homeopathy
  • Remedies – handling, dosage, potency, storage
  • Natural Home Remedy Kit
  • Prescribing
  • Remedies for accidents and emergencies  (e.g. Arnica, Aconite, Chamomilla, Belladonna)
  • Remedies for childhood ailments, including fevers, coughs, colds, and many more…


“Such a wonderful course Zoe, thank you! So much useful information, my Zoe book of knowledge is growing by the day! You give me so much confidence to be able to help my family it’s invaluable. I would highly recommend all of Zoe’s inspiring courses, thank you! x” (mother, Brighton, 2020)
‘Brilliant course. Worth every penny and minute. Thank you so much Zoe, I have learned so much’ (mother, Hove)                                                                             
“Zoe is a really lovely lady with a lot of knowledge, I thoroughly recommend her workshops &  talk days!” (Doula, Hove)
“Another absolutely fabulous hour and a half Zoe, thank you! I have again learnt so much it leaves me buzzing 🙂 Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge, I’m loving my new little file with all your wonderful notes.” (mother, 2020)
 “I thoroughly recommend this course. It was one of those courses where I didn’t want to leave the room in case I missed a gem!  Thank you Zoe it was profound!  My husband and I were talking about it yesterday as we have both had recent moments of genuine surprise and amazement of the effect of homeopathy. I don’t know what we would do without the knowledge and information you shared with us. Thank you Zoe.” (Mother of 1, Hove)                                                                                

“… am so amazed at the power of homeopathy. I mean I am a convert anyway, but clearing an ear infection within a day is rather special. She had been screaming in pain, fever and burning red ear. Thank you Family-Homeopath Zoe Scanlan, your course has really come to use. Highly recommended peeps.” (Mother of 3, Hove)

“I have used homeopathy since my son was born (he’s nearly 3) and it is an integral part of our lives. I started with fear and confusion! I met Zoe, thank goodness, and started to gain my confidence and trust in the body responding! I can’t begin to thank Zoe enough for sharing her wealth of knowledge and time.  I feel so much more empowered to support my family with homeopathy and natural remedies.” (Mother, Hove)


Homeopathy is the ideal treatment during pregnancy. It is gentle, non toxic and has no side effects. Remedies can be used for common pregnancy related ailments eg morning sickness, heart burn, backache, varicose veins etc.  Tissue Salts (in the Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme) nourishes and supports the body, and that of your growing baby.  The remedies can also offer a wonderful emotional support during this time of transition, and fluctuating hormones.  I was lucky enough to have two natural home births and love to support other mothers to do the same.


“It was so lovely and so informative. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. Totally recommend it to anyone” (Mother of 3, Hove)

Incredible lady and brilliant course. Highly recommended for all you pregnant Mamas” (Pregnant mama, May 16)

“Thank you Zoe Scanlan for this amazing moment, it was truly inspiring. I cannot wait to come back for the family homeopathy course!” (Mother, Brighton)

This is a lovely clip on natural birthing:


We travel to India regularly as a family and I treat all manner of ailments using homeopathy and natural remedies. Learn about pre holiday preparation to protect your health whilst away, remedies for jet lag, travel sickness, preventing stomach upsets, adjusting to the sun, dealing with sun burn or heat stroke… to name a few.


“I went to this course with Zoe Scanlan at her house in the summer before a family trip to South East Asia and the information was invaluable – not only in getting my family in tip top condition before we left but also dealing with minor things as they cropped up whilst we were there!” (Mother of 2, Brighton, 2016)