• My clinic is my home in Westdene, Brighton
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.30-4pm (Holiday time is not fixed).
  • Evening telephone sessions are available on Monday (8pm) and Tuesdays (6-8pm).
  • Bookings can be made via my online calendar (see ‘Book a Consultation’), email or phone.


  • Sessions are offered in person, via telephone or online (Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger) 
  • Initial Consultations – 1 -1.5 hr.  Follow-up appointments – 45 mins, and are generally monthly (unless in acute situations)
  • Remedies are included in my consultation fees
  • Payments – I ask for payment to be made (where possible) prior to consultations
  • Concessions – For my traditional homeopathy sessions (not Vibrational ) I am happy to accept payment plans and offer a sliding scale of payment for those on a low income, as I want to ensure homeopathy remains available for everyone.
  • Cancellations – please give 48 hrs notice to cancel or change an appt (that way I can offer the time to someone else).  50% will be charged with less notice, and full payment for missed appts.

Consultations – Traditional Homeopathy

Traditional Homeopathy Sessions –  Adult  £75 / £65        Teen (12+) – £60        Child (under 12) –  £55 2 x Children (siblings) – £75

Mother and Child Sessions – Mother and child are strongly linked and it is often helpful to treat both together, particularly with emotional or behavioural issues (£85)

Family Sessions – The energy of each individual in the family unit, cannot help but impact on each other, so it can be useful to treat the family as a whole, where helpful to do so.  These sessions are priced 20% less than each individual session would be.

Birth Preparation – aims to support pregnant women and their partner gain an understanding of homeopathic remedies to support a natural labour. £80.  Homeopathic Birthing Kits available for HIRE.

Multi Session Booking Prices – I always hope to make a real and lasting difference for anyone I work with, and this very often requires more than one session.  If this is your first experience of homeopathy or working with me, I may recommend 3 sessions over 3 months (this always depends what we are working with, it also maybe more or less!) but to make this more cost effective I have put together multi-session booking prices, so please feel free to ask about these.

Acute Tel Consult (15 mins) – £25

Home Visits – Additional £10

Repeat Prescription – £10

Consultations – Vibrational Homeopathy

I have been learning and exploring a new form of higher vibrational remedies over the last few years, and now offer these in consultation.  They are a very high frequency and thus powerful form of treatment, that I believe are more attuned to this time on planet earth.  They will also suit some more than others.  The remedies are more expensive, so the consultation fees are higher.

NEW Vibrational Homeopathy sessions – Adult £110/£90  Child  £80/£75



“Zoe has very successfully treated my son and I over recent years for various emotional and physical ailments. Her enthusiasm for, faith in, and knowledge of homeopathy is infectious and I love working with Zoe to match symptoms with remedies. This enthusiasm instills the confidence in me to self-prescribe on occasion and fuels my general interest in all things homeopathy. It gives me great comfort having her at the other end of the phone or email.” (mother, 2014)

‘Thanks for yesterday, I always feel better having seen you’. (Mother, Hove, 2015)

Whenever we have a difficult time in our children development or a time of illness I always call Zoe and every single time she has completely sorted things out from Colic to teething, from nightmares to the stresses of moving home and schools. Zoe always offers a friendly coaching session on the phone and finds exactly the right remedies for us. Most recently my youngest boy was really struggling with anger and frustration (terrible twos!) and after 3 remedies he’s completely changed back to his happy laughing self – it’s unbelievable. Thank you so much” (Mother of 2, London, 2016)

“Thank you for your help, I am getting better :). Very happy” (anon, 2014)

“I wanted to let you know that we’ve seen some dramatic changes in my son’s behaviour since we have started him on the remedy. He’s been happy including his sister is his awareness, physical space and play. He’s even seemed to notice that our family is made of all four of us, not just him all the time! He’s been saying he wants to ‘take good care’ of all of us, which is sweet. Another thing is that he has suddenly been sleeping through the night in his own bed by himself for the past six nights!  Could it be that he no longer needs to co-sleep? Amazing!” (Mother of 2, Brighton)

“Just wanted to say, my son and I are SO much better…so much calmer and at ease. Thank you so so much” (Mother of 2, Forest Row, 2014)

“Well, I didn’t wake last night coughing for the first time in over a week, and I have hardly coughed at all this morning. Just a little tickle in the throat but definitely a marked improvement courtesy of the Ars 1m. You are a bit of a legend Zoe!” (Anon, Cambs)