‘Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children’

front page of homeopathy book


This booklet is a collation of the information that supported me in treating my own children’s ailments.  It covers common childhood illnesses and how to treat them using Homeopathy, Herbs, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Diet etc.  Ailments include fever, colds, coughs, worms, eczema, colic, and many more.  It is concise and clearly presented, for ease of use.

With this booklet and a selection of basic homeopathic remedies you can begin to treat your child’s ailments yourself, naturally.

Cost £11. (incl £1 p+p)


“I have this! I bought it right at the beginning of my natural parenting journey and it’s been fantastic. Easy to take out and about too.”

“I have this book! It’s brilliant!” 

“I have this too! Useful to have around and easy to understand for novices to homeopathy.”

“I have it and can highly recommend it! I was referring to it only last week!” 

…I managed to help both my children with homeopathy when they had fevers recently, which is exciting! We’ve also all enjoyed some of the indigo essences. So thank you for your passion to pass on information on natural health: it really changes families’ lives!’ (Rachael, mother of 2, Brighton)